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Birding Thursday - South Africa a top destination for birders

South Africa is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Avitourists – birders who travel specifically to view birds in other parts of the world.

South Africa boasts more than 820 species: 121 vagrants or ‘accidentals’, 40 endemic to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland and a further 110 species are endemic to the southern African sub-continent.

As SA has excellent infrastructure as well as a flourishing tourism industry making travel to and around this vast and beautiful country a pleasure, it is certainly Africa’s number 1 birding destination and one of the most desirable worldwide.

Many land based species can be easily viewed not far from your car, but the more adventurous will see more remote species by means of a 4x4 or a bit of a hike.

Thanks to organisations like Birdlife South Africa, local and visiting avitourists are assured of loads of accessible information on the local species and advice and tips on the best places, seasons and times for viewing them.

South Africa has seven major natural regions:

  • Grassveld
  • Fynbos
  • Karoo (semi-desert)
  • Afromontane Forest
  • Bushveld  
  • East Coast Littoral (tropical to sub-tropical forest, coastal thicket and grassland)
  • Pelagic (open sea up to 200km off-shore)

Each has its own complement of birds.

In the coming weeks, the Portfolio Travel Blog will use our Birding Thursday slot to discuss some of the species you can find in / near each of these regions and suggest South African luxury accommodation for birders visiting the specific areas.

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Kruger National Park I think has one of the best places for bird viewing. With its vast land area, Kruger offers a wide variety of viewing locations as well as trails on foot to view these wild creatures.

By South African safari (3 years ago)

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