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Cape Town Loadshedding Schedule 2012

Yes fellow Cape Town folks it seems we need to prepare ourselves for another possible round of load shedding blackouts in the Mother City in 2012.

Let's all hope Eskom sticks to their schedule. The following information was taken from the City of Cape Town website. Click the name of your area for the schedule you'll need to refer to in order to be prepared in advance should these blackouts occur.

Cape Town Loadshedding schedules for 2012 

The following loadshedding schedule will apply will only when required.


The City of Cape Town and Eskom see loadshedding as a last resort and therefore request all customers to support the current energy saving initiative. 

Click here to read the Mayor's statement in respect of loadshedding. 

For further information, please contact us on 0860 103 089.


We recommend that you have boiled hot water stored in urns or flasks ready before scheduled outages, as well as pre-prepared meals or food that doesn't require cooking available over mealtimes. 

Let's hope that the need to resort to load shedding in 2012 is a rare occurance!


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