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Grim Images Show True Horror of Rhino Poaching in South Africa

Brian Bailey from LionRoars wrote this shocking and incredibly sad letter to readers of the LionRoars Newsletter. He gave us permission to publish it, along with the images, in order to spread the word on the horrors of rhino poaching in South Africa. NOT FOR SENSITIVE READERS
"Dear Friends

As you may be aware, we as the Bailey family and LionRoars have been involved in conservation in the Amakhala Game Reserve for the last 3 years. We started off our campaign by buying two orphan Black rhino from National Parks, and placing them in the reserve. It is still one of our most important objectives to breed a Black Rhino, and the path to this has not been easy, we certainly started off with a limited understanding. Our two rhino exist in the reserve along with a number of White rhino, owned by the Cook family and HillsNek lodge. The Rhino population in the reserve has been the cause of a great deal of pleasure for thousands of guests over the years, and of course a great deal of pride for the staff and personnel involved. The white rhino breeding program has been very successful.

Last week we experienced what we had hoped would never come – two White rhino bulls were found dead – poached for their horns. Investigations continue, but we know that there is a huge machine in place behind the poachers, and we are very unequipped to deal with it. There have been 270 rhino killed for their horns in South Africa this year alone! Projections are that there will be 324 dead by the year end. 

The reason I am sending this and the rather gloomy photographs to you is simply that I would like you to know what we are doing. I am determined to fight this poaching machine and I would like to have my friends behind me. We have a Foundation in place for the rhino campaign, Pete Allanson rode his bike through the Namibian desert to raise funds this year. We will be putting together a number of initiatives and I hope you will join us. In the meantime,  you may find it interesting to review the attached information, the press release for todays press, and an enlightening paper on the rhino situation by  William Fowlds, our resident Veterinarian and our business partner.

Please forward the information to friends and colleagues you know may have an interest in this. I welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions.

Best regards 

Brian Bailey


13 Responses to Grim Images Show True Horror of Rhino Poaching in South Africa

This is just not cool!!!!! :(

By Kirsty (5 years ago)

Words cannot express this utter horror and sadness ....

By Wendy Dwight (5 years ago)

this is horrible!

By Taylor (5 years ago)


By jordan (5 years ago)

my daughter is doing an oral at school on the black Rhino...I was horrified to see all the stats! We have to try to do something to save them.
Pippa de Charmoy

By Pippa de Charmoy (5 years ago)

Brian can I use ur photos to put on my facebook page??? I have lots of friends that are interested in the rhinos and I try to keep them updated on whats happening.

By Luzaan (5 years ago)

How little does this "unhuman" people know about the creation to kill such a beautiful animal, What will be left for the next generation to see just empty grass planes, they will for sure answer for their actions.


By Belinda (5 years ago)

I am an honorary office for ezemvelo kzn wildlife, and it makes me very angry to see how the Rhino poaching has esculated, something drastic needs to be done about this, when will people realize that they need to conserve wildlife, when it is to late and there are no more Rhino's.
It all boils down to the average person not being educated on the role that Rhino's play, people need to go out to rural schools/villages and educate the uneducated..

By Clare Nortier (4 years ago)

Rhino poaching horrible i am trying to save them i think i am to young but nothing can stop me i did a project at school ever since i have tried to save them


By alex (4 years ago)

This truly breaks my heart. I love the rhinos. Just to think, there may not be any left when my kids are grown. Is there not some way for us to stop this madness?

By Amina (4 years ago)

Let's all get together to help stop these asholle poachers, ill like to kill these poachers for free

By charles schoeman (4 years ago)

Hi Brain may I please use your pictures for my assignment. I am doing my first year diploma in nature conservation. Thank lester

By Lester Smith (4 years ago)

Save the Rhino and shoot the poachers. They dont deserve the life they have. No mercy
to the evil bastards...

By Jacques (4 years ago)

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