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In Mourning for our Marine Life

If you were on Muizenberg beach on Friday, Saturday or Sunday this past weekend, you may have made some curious discoveries. A shell that actually speaks to you when you hold it to your ear; messages in bottles; even a washed up coffin...

The unusual goings on on the popular Cape Town beach were all part of an awareness campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape Town (the internationally recognised, multi-award winning ad agency) on behalf of the Save our Seas foundation.




The beautifully penned letters in the bottles, the messages heard from the cleverly adapted shells, read out by local songstess Verity, and the plaque on the coffin were all about the alarming decline of sealife globally, the death rate of dolphins and the way that pollution is killing our seas.




While all three mediums were effective, it was the full sized coffin at the waters edge that caused the most consternation and confusion among surfers and families enjoying the sunny winter's morning. Most people clearly could not quite believe what they were seeing and many went up to investigate, somewhat cautiously, and were able read the plaque and take in the important message.




For the full story behind the shoot, and for more about the vital work done by the Save our Seas Foundation, head for the Save our Seas website.


Big up to Saatchi & Saatchi for donating time and energy to the cause, and thank you to Lesley Rochat and all at Save our Seas for the work you do on behalf of all of us who love our oceans.




(Images: Plaque image: Allan Kent. All rights reserved.

All other images: Joy-Anne Goodenough. Creative Commons)


4 Responses to In Mourning for our Marine Life

Stunning! It's a wonderful campaign and a wonderful way to bring the message across!!

By Dee (7 years ago)

Phew, if it wasn't bad enough that they're getting killed by unscrupulous fishermen - this as well?

By Axel Buhrmann (7 years ago)

Well done to the people at Saatchi & Saatchi and Lesley Rochart you make a difference and hopefully make people more aware and get us off our collective backsides and pitch in to help make a difference. Even the smallest stone thrown into the water make ripples that stretch far and wide. Again well done.

By Graeme (7 years ago)

Fine to raise awareness...can I call them in when my 6 year old is having nightmares because she saw a coffin on the beach??

By Mike (7 years ago)

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