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KZN's the hotspot for viewing Venus transit

Grab your protective goggles and check out the sun tomorrow - especially if you're in KwaZulu Natal.

A rare astronomical event is due to occur which will be best viewed in South Africa from KZN. Hopefully the sky will be clear enough to check out this occurance which has only happened 7 times in recorded history and is not due again until 2117.

What's happening? 

The planet Venus will cross between Earth and the sun. It should be visible as a small dark spot moving across the sun.


Why is this worth checking out?

Jesse Rogerson, a researcher and programmer in astronomy and space sciences at the Ontario Science Centre, explains: "This planet will literally appear dwarfed by the size of the sun. That's an awesome sight to witness and really hits home just how small we are in this universe. The real meaning here is in how we perceive ourselves in the universe through this event. When we see Venus cross the sun, the real meaning is in recognizing our own special place in the universe."

Be careful!

Only look at the sun with proper eye protection. 


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