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More Praise for Portfolio

It's always great when people take the time to say 'Thank you'. We received the following email this week from guests who stayed at three of our establishments and wanted to do just that.



We stayed in South-Africa from 27.12.11 until 09.01.2012 and had booked three accommodations via Portfolio:


We were very pleased with all the bookings and say thank you so much!!!

It improved our holiday and made it really comfortable.

We have had great support from every accommodation to help us with objects of interest, maps and were guided if necessary.

The breakfast was always fresh and rich, the rooms clean and as shown in the net.


Thank you,

Sabine, Elmar, Eliesabeth Wengenroth

When I emaled these guests to ask permission to share their email on the Travel Blog, Sabine responded:

"Yes please publish my email, it will help others to make their decision a good one!"


Thank YOU for your very kind words. We are delighted your holiday was such a success!

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