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Pumba Ranger Diary and Wildlife Images

An incredible series of images of lion and prey accompany this week's Pumba Ranger Diary...

Ranger Diary

30 August 2010


The past week has definitely been the week for Lion sightings of a spectacular nature. Both prides in the main and southern section of the reserve have had guest braced to their seats, with both litters of cubs being sighted and over three kills being witnessed from beginning to end.



In one day the two Lion in the main section of the reserve successfully hunted and brought down a Warthog, Black Wildebeest and Eland cow, the last two being accomplished within a space of 4 hours at one of our water holes a mere 800 meters away from room 12 at Pumba Water Lodge.



Evenings were spent by guests at the lodge, hearing the silent ambiance of the bush being filled with their impressive roars, as well as the grunting of the Hippopotamus occupying the Cariega Lake.

In the southern section of the reserve one of the split Lioness with her three cubs, were seen feeding on a Blue Wildebeest, while the remainder of the pride were seen a little further north of where they were.
The amazing set of photographs shown in this post depict the days which unfolded at Pumba, for the past week.
~Richard Pearse

(All images supplied by Pumba - All rights reserved)


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