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Pumba Sunsets & Wildlife Sightings

Pumba's ranger Richard Pearse has once again submitted some incredible images and an exerpt from his Ranger Diary for our reading pleasure...


Ranger's Diary
8 February 2010
The breeding herd of Elephant continues to focus their movements along the Cariega River and Lake. Spekboom, a very important plant, playing a role in Carbon Sequestration, is one of the elephants main foraging plants found within the Thicket Biome. The reserve has been experiencing very hot days over the past week, resulting in the elephant associating in areas were water is abundant. A great sighting was had, by all our field guides, with the herd having a good mud bath, in a dam close to the water lodge. With temperatures getting very high, they do this to deter biting insects as well as protect their skins from exposure.
The White Lion continue to provide good sightings for our visiting guests. They were seen hunting Blue Wildebeest in the southern plains, though with no success. The White Lioness, in addition to the Male, amazes all who have the chance to see her.
In addition to the bigger species of game which are found on the reserve, the reserves conservation manager, witnessed a small group of Bat-eared Foxes and, two Aardwolf, foraging with one another, for termites. These two species, which are both insectivorous mammals, tend to only be seen at dusk and dawn, going about their activities. With our lion population being stable, the species are doing well, were it has been noted in other reserves, with high predator numbers, that these smaller species are hugely disadvantaged and often killed.
Bush walks continue to be highlight of activities offered on the reserve, under guidance of Trails Guide, with numerous sightings being had, of particularly Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus. As mentioned earlier the smaller aspects of the reserve, are just as much of a highlight, with emphasis being place on the tracks and signs left behind by the mammals occurring on the reserve, as well as birds and the numerous flowering plants.
Richard Pearse



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