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The Greatest Gatsby in Cape Town

Posted Tue, 22 Sep 2009 (5 years ago)
Gatsbys are, for many South Africans, what Doner Kebabs are for Brits – a great takeaway with which to round off a big night out. But what IS a Gatsby and where are the best ones to be found?

A Gatsby is a long bread roll / baguette – usually big enough for two, three or even four to share – sliced lengthwise and stuffed with a selection of fillings.


These include:


  • steak masala (my personal favourite)
  • mutton
  • chicken
  • polony
  • vienna
  • calamari
  • fish
  • hot chips (French fries) (a must-have - otherwise it isn't a Gatsby)
  • salad (if you like)
  • a range of special sauces to soak through the whole thing.  
Gatsbys are traditionally a Cape Town speciality much as Bunnie Chows are a Durban treat. They are especially popular across the Cape Flats and most of the take away outlets that sell them are Halaal.
I asked Portfolio’s Cape Town staff and some of our @PortfolioSA followers on Twitter, to nominate the best places to get a Gatsby in Cape Town.
The results gave us our recommendations for:
The Top 10 Gatsby Outlets in Cape Town
1. Ottery Farmstall in Ottery, near the Hyper and Macro Phone: 021 7042211
2. Texies - 196 Main Rd, Seapoint  Phone: 021 434 9305
3. Fisherman’s Basket Main Rd, Claremont Phone: 021 683 5440
4. Yusra's Kitchen, corner Fort & Main Rds, Sea Point Phone: 021-4394883
5. Golden Dish – Klipfontein Rd, Gatesville Centre, Rylands Phone: 021 6383796
6. Aneesa's – 68 Victoria Rd, Grassy Park Phone 021 705 5279
7. Cosy Corner – Ottery Road, Wynberg Phone: 021 7972498
8. Mariam’s Kitchen– St George’s Mall, Cape Town CBD Phone: 021 423 0772
9. Super Fisheries – 63 Old Klipfontein Rd, Athlone Phone: 021 696 9833
10. Bona Fast Food – Victoria Rd, Grassy Park Phone 021 705 3015


Have we left YOUR favourite Gatsby outlet off the list? Add it to the comments below.


(Image credits: Main image DPlanet. Creative Commons License. Thumbnail image: Source)

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56 Responses to The Greatest Gatsby in Cape Town

Osmans Roeland Street, Cape Town

By stejay (5 years ago)

I am really offended by this list!
Im a Gatsby connoisseur for more than 20 years.
The list sounds a bit off.

1. Golden Dish.
2. Ottery Farm Stall
3. Bona
4. Fishermans Lane

The rest is irrelevant!

By Mow Dryling (4 years ago)

well for the gatsby lover's, there's a new kid on the block Tayyibahs Takeaways in Kuilriver corner of highbury and nooiensfontein road. Try it we loved their masala steak gatsby and it was better than the infamous golden dish.

By f (4 years ago)

We are new in the Parklands area...called Munchies Takeaways!! We do great Steak, Russian or polony Gatsby,s and are getting well known by the locals. Come try our Gatsby, will love to get a rating!!

By Munchies (4 years ago)

Munchies no address?????? Are you Halaal??

By Faheem (4 years ago)

Hmmm ... As far as I'm concerned the Top 9 (cos these are the places I've actually tasted) Gatsby Outlets should actually read as follows for taste and freshness:

1. Ottery Farmstall in Ottery, near the Hyper and Makro Phone: 021 704-2211
2. Athlone Fisheries - Cnr Lawrence & Old Klipfontein Rd Phone: 021 696 9819
3. Super Fisheries – 63 Old Klipfontein Rd, Athlone Phone: 021 696 9833 (Nxt to Athlne Fisheries) :-)
4. Bona Fast Food – Victoria Rd, Grassy Park Phone 021 705 3015
5. Cosy Corner – Ottery Road, Wynberg Phone: 021 7972498
6. Aneesa's – 68 Victoria Rd, Grassy Park Phone 021 705 5279
7. Mariam’s Kitchen– St George’s Mall, Cape Town CBD Phone: 021 423 0772
8. Golden Dish – Klipfontein Rd, Gatesville Centre, Rylands Phone: 021 6383796
9. Flambos - Kromboom rd - Phne 696 2585

By Dara (Bona) (4 years ago)

Munchies Takeaways...we are in Village on Main, Main Rd, Parklands, Tableview.
Can anyone plse tell me where to find decent sized footlongs or baquels?

By Munchies (4 years ago)

Hey Munchies,

You can get some @ Bake n Cake Bakery in Surrey Estate.
You still didn't say whether you were Halaal or Not.

By Dara (Bona) (4 years ago)

Hi Dara,

Thanks I will follow up with them. We are unfortunately not Halaal

By MUNCHIES (4 years ago)

please note!!! norther suberbs don't have a list they each just have 1 place to mention anywayz this is how the list is supposed to look

1. Ottery Farmstall in Ottery, near the Hyper and Makro Phone: 021 704-2211
2. Golden Dish – Klipfontein Rd, Gatesville Centre, Rylands Phone: 021 6383796
3. Bona Fast Food – Victoria Rd, Grassy Park Phone 021 705 3015
4. Athlone Fisheries - Cnr Lawrence & Old Klipfontein Rd Phone: 021 696 9819
5. Super Fisheries – 63 Old Klipfontein Rd, Athlone Phone: 021 696 9833 (Nxt to Athlne Fisheries) :-)
5. Cosy Corner – Ottery Road, Wynberg Phone: 021 7972498
6. Khan's Takeaways – Opposite KC
7. Mariam’s Kitchen– St George’s Mall, Cape Town CBD Phone: 021 423 0772
9. Flambos - Kromboom rd - Phne 696 2585

By Shabz (4 years ago)

Hi Shabz,

Glad u ranking us number 3 :-)
However, in my opinion, an Athlone Fisheries gatsby with there atcha trumps us in my opinion. Mr Howa knows that. I exchange 1 of our parcels for 1 of his gatsby's regularly ... hehehe

Say Munchies, didn't u used to be in Parow Industria?

By Dara (Bona) (4 years ago)

I ams o glad to see that you have Golden Dish on there.That was my staple food i grew up on and am still living off from it hehehe.

Have you sent your driver this way recently to pick up one?If not then you should. Recommended order:Full house steak Gatsby hmmmm

By Brent (4 years ago)

Who's driver Brent?

By Dara (Bona) (4 years ago)

Golden Dish is legend. It has to be no. 1. Any Capetonian knows that.

By Gabs (4 years ago)

Flambos Kromboom road or Athlone is amazing!
i agree with Yusra's Kitchen- great memory of eating there after a long fun-filled day at the beach

By Wasfeeya (4 years ago)

On my way to Athlone Fisheries right now - the best Gatsby in Cape Town. A Friday tradition since 1998 for me.

By Bertus (4 years ago)

guys check out the gatsby group on facebook :). post your pics. its a must for all gatsby lovers all over the world :D

By Rowan (4 years ago)

Flambo's Full house steak gatsby is the bomb no doubt

By Zaakir (4 years ago)

I just came to Capetown on vacation, they told me to try a Gatsby, I LOVED IT, I STILL LOVE IT, what kind of sauces or flavors do they put in that thing, gosh its good.
I wanna try it at home.

By tom (3 years ago)

I fell in love with Gatsby in January 2001 and i made it my daily lunch since then. I am now in Polokwane and still miss the taste.

I would like to open Gatsby in Polokwane Limpopo Province.
I do not have funds at the moment.
Please explain to me step by step on what to do.

I know Gatsby will make good bussiness in limpopo

By RAMONGWANA (3 years ago)

check out Aunty Asa's chicken&mayo gatsby if u in M/Plain Mmmm.. jy eet jou byk fol )fresh salad

By nadia.G (3 years ago)

LOL, I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Mow Dryling's statement on here. Didn't see that coming. Anyways, he introduced me to Gatsby and it's tastiness. Love it!

By Melissa Geswint (3 years ago)

Kos Oppie Laan,,14Watsonia Str,Lentegeur Ph:0213762803 Cell:0845972800 Aunty Asa only Open after Jumu'a & Saturdays Till late,come & try da lippe lickin good always fresh steamin warm Gatsby's with free sauce.da Mmmm All sauce,Perinaice sauce,D.C sauce,u just call & da Gatsby jol,,,

By nadia G (3 years ago)

if u guys r eva in paarl, check out Delite take aways, steak gatsby wit burger sauce, awesome;) also as for the northern suburbs, wel Kapitans was wel known n Shazias n flambos in cravenby is becomin known..

By AK (3 years ago)

Hey guys if ever u r in the Kuilsriver area the new kid on the block is Tayyibah's Takeaways. their gatsby's are becoming very popular in the niorthern suburbs. So if u r in the area check them out they r at c/o nooiensfontein and highbury roads just 1min off the R300. I truly recommend these guys they are awesome.

By Izaan (3 years ago)

What About ''Busy Corner'' in Eesterivier-Tuscany Glen .......????

By cleo (3 years ago)

Cafe Wafa in Cape Town should definitely be on that list. They are situated on Adderley Street and Long Street and I would recommend them to all the Gatsby Connoisseurs out there, U really won't make a mistake trying their gatsbies.

By Faatimah Williams (3 years ago)

All Gatsbys are great! Except for the ones that make you kak yourself. I immortalized the Gatsby recently on a shirt . Check it out here.

By Jacques (3 years ago)

Wish I could get one in Durban if anyone knows of a place please post..... Missing Cape Town...

By joe (3 years ago)

Hi guys there is place call madinah indian foods in claremont they make the best gatsbys plz check it out here is the no 0216715149

By zahid (3 years ago)

We visited Cape Town recently....Golden Dish Gatsby ever...will try Ottery on the next visit....

By Sherwin (3 years ago)

We stay out in Rustenburg , we miss CT . our first when we visit is Golden dish. There Gatsby are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Masala Steak. We will difinetly try out the one in Kuilsriver the December holidays.

By Claudia (3 years ago)

Mow Dryling has moved to Durban and he need to find a place in Durban that sells Gatsby's urgently.
Please anyone HELP!!!

Help this Athlone native out in Durban.
(Athlone I miss you)

By Mow Dryling (3 years ago)

Tried the place in out thy not the place in Kuilsriver, sorry not that great. We had to go to go back to Golden Dish. Mow sorry we are 6 hrs awaymto support you,move to Rustenburg these people really dnt have a " taste for food." We'll be your best customers. Everything of the best to you>

By Claudia (3 years ago)

People please come try the gatsbys at the local lady in Pelican Park! 38 Barbet Road. Farm stall can go sleep for her sources! And its HUGE to!!! A must try!

By subeiga (3 years ago)

After 8 years in London I was dying for a Gatsby from Flambo's in Kromboom road but was very dissapointed when I got it and it was oven chips used. I ended up driving to Wembley's Roadhouse for a steak sandwich and samoosas instead. Very dissapointed - Imma take my business and drive that distance to Farm Stalls rather.

By Will (3 years ago)

what is the correct number for GOLDEN DISH cause the number on here is INCORRECT : (

By GATSBY (3 years ago)

Flambo's Kromboom! Their Steak Gatsby ROCKS!!!! Chips make or break a Gatsby and theirs WIN!!! hands down!

By Dil Gatsby (3 years ago)

Can someone PLEASE introduce the Gatsby in Rustenburg, heres nothing!!! I miss you GATSBY.

I will try out Flambo's in Kromboom.
To all the guys in Cape Town ENJOY every moment of it!!!!

By Claudia (2 years ago)

Golden Dish's number is 0216337864
I might be biased but I think we are Number 1!!
And yes I do support the rest of the guys on the
odd occassion.

By Golden Boy (2 years ago)

Correct number for golden dish is 021 633 7864!
In my opinion they are definitely in the top 3!!!
Their curries are delicious too!

By Mo (2 years ago)

Please please people go and check out Mohammed's Tikka House in Lansdowne road, Lansdowne. You must try the all famous Full house Masala Steak Gebba.

My Bru you will not be sorry, that thing is humangous.

By Dayne (2 years ago)

Golden Dish is only legendary because i was one of the few Take Aways thats been open till late really late. But thats it. People are always tanting and raving about GD.c'mon guys Golden dish is way over rated. First you wait like a month for your food, then while waiting for it you are always being bugged by someone outside to buy them a dite or give them a fi'bob or donating an odd to something or someone. eventually when you do get you order its like, was it really worth waiting for, what a disappointing meal. we bought a vienna gatsby from them and my goodness they probably put like one potato on it and three lousy small viennas with tomato sauce, who the hell likes tomato sauce yuk. that was money waisted on rubbish food and the damn place is so dirty. You guys who all fancy GD, you suffer from the Golden Dish Delusion. There are hundreds of places all over Cape Town that are much, much ,much better than Golden Dish.

By Mo (2 years ago)

I think a Gatsby should be a balance of ingredients....I had many all over the show , even the top three as you guys rate them.... If you "UP" the size, doesn't mean you double the chips quantity... Balance, balance .... Oh, and then you kill it with sauce. Challenge to all gatsby makers... Make your gatsby, I want you to eat it also, but before you do, wrap it like you do for your customers, let it stand for 20 min , and then try..... just putting it out there. Great meals guys. I will always support.

By Shaheed(Jongetjie) (2 years ago)

YUS MANNA If you smaak a leeka Gatsby go to Tayyibah's Takeaways in Kuilsriver. Jarre they make the bomb Gatsbys. Check them out they in Kuilsriver in Highbury Park.


By Karl (2 years ago)

Guys lets just not have a top whatever, the ones that are mentioned are tops in their own class... lekker comments people...

By LusVirGatsby (23 months ago)

Has anybody tried Khan's Gatsbys? They are opposite KC... A Must !!! and something to experience. Instead of the traditional bread-roll-thingy, he uses a giant rootie. The whole thing looks like a big fat salomie! I tried it once, and I must say, very nice MR KHAN !!

By Shaheed (23 months ago)

Sunrise Chip and Ranch also does the Giant Rootie this still a gatsby? We had a discussion at work about it the other day when we we're trying out their Masala Mutton Gatsby rootie thing.

By noon gun (23 months ago)

Which are open at night? And why no telephone numbers?

By sennett (22 months ago)

Super Fisheries is the best! Home of the gatsby! All the others mentioned sucks

By Nurah (21 months ago)

Dayne seems to havehotthe nail on the head with his Golden Dish comments. i experienced exactly what he said today. Maybe GD would suffice for patrons of Club Galaxy after a long night out. Aneesas counts their chips so they not one of my favourites. Ive always loved Bona but yesterdays experience was less than satisfactory. i have not been to farmhouse in years, but i always orders their monster gatspys without salad. Cosy corner, Texies, Hilite, Best Bite all pleasant experiences. Venoos same as GD. Mariams Kitchen probably the best over all experience. No matter where you buy your gatspy I know you fighting over who gets the middle piece while you unwrapping it on the bonnet of your car.

ive been in Gauteng for the last six years. found a place called Shaheems in JHB that sells the AK47 variant of the full house gatspy. i order it with without the mince gravy and thats as close as it get. otherwise in Pretoria they dont know what a chip roll is.

By mattmann (21 months ago)

I haven't tried the Ottery farmstall as I mostly bought at Bona, Aneesa's and sometimes Golden dish.Coming to Cape Town in Feb'13 and will try out Ottery farmstall.I remember my first gatsby in 1994, cost about R4,50 which we shared with a Frulati.

By Shaun (20 months ago)

Tayyibah's has closed down. Are there any other good Gatsby places in kuilsriver.

By Marco (18 months ago)

Subz at grandwest casino is open all night. They sell nice gatsbys. They in a clean secured environment and this place has one of the best gatsbys. Try chicken tikka and masala steak for 80 rand

By Kate (14 months ago)

Hi my name is Warren and we have owened the famous Gatsby and Currie den outlets in PE and would like to again get into bussiness, but with a fresh style and look i know people have been looking for our famous masala steak gatsby,scharmas and the best mutton bunny chows in the bay . dont worrie soon i promise also bringing back the free delivery serves and great serves .GOD BLESS

By warren (5 months ago)

Ive been back in Cape Town for the last 4 months and have always been drawn to Bona to satisfy my gatspy craving. Their BBQ powder on the chips is just the best. Also tired Fishermans Lane with their famous Roykas sause hhmmm.they were very stingy with the calamri though. Farmstall in Ottery is next on my radar. i remember their fat gatspy's.

By mattmann (5 months ago)

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