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7 reasons why Zanzibar is the best choice for your next exotic escape

When you think of romantic getaways – honeymoons or otherwise - nothing beats on island. Days spent lounging on a beautiful beach or snorkeling in the turquoise sea, combined with nights spent enjoying delicious drinks and eating exotic food make for the perfect relaxing break with your loved one. Read more >

Surfing & spoilings at Arniston Spa Hotel

Indi (9) & Gia (10) are two of our young Portfolio ambassadors who recently went on a road trip with their parents down the coast of South Africa... Read more >

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7 Perfect places to propose

Choosing to ask someone to spend the rest of their lives with you as your marriage partner is as committed as it gets and commitment is probably the most romantic thing you can give someone else, making a proposal the height of romantic gestures… Read more >

A winter weekend at Rusthuiz in Stellenbosch

At Portfolio we love inspiring people to travel and one of the best ways to do this is to travel ourselves and then share our experiences with you. Read more >

Bird-spotting & boat rides at De Hoop

Two young travelers (and their parents) are sharing some stories about their recent winter road trip down the coast of South Africa... Read more >

Winter specials to warm your heart

It’s arctic outside, and you’re probably thinking there’s nothing on this earth that can make you leave your couch and movie channel on weekends. But wait… we've just the thing to get you to put down that remote control. Read more >

Watching whales at Grootbos

Two of our littlest Portfolio ambassadors, Gia and Indi, hit the road recently for a winter road trip down the coast of South Africa which was a whole host of family fun. Read on below to find out all about the experience through their eyes… Read more >

7 Amazing places to stay for under R400

Too often we think that taking a holiday is out of our reach financially and so we don't even look at what options are available out there. Read more >

South Africa - The Landscape Muse

South Africa is a country known for its photographic opportunities – wide open spaces, dazzling vistas for days and stark natural beauty of every description. Read more >

7 Gourmet getaways around South Africa

South Africa has a wealth of gourmet gems scattered throughout the country, many unknown to locals and visitors alike. Read more >

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