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Kids in Kruger

Travel blogger Sara Essop loves taking her family to Kruger. Sometimes the kids get bored if there isn't action, but then something will happen to make it all worthwhile... Read more >

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge - the most environmentally sensitive lodge in Africa

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge is a unique luxury safari sanctuary – but what sets it apart from the many beautiful lodges around South Africa? Read more >

In search of baobabs - an unforgettable Zim safari

Artist James Delaney blogs after a recent trip to Zimbabwe, where he was pleasantly surprised to have the best safari experience of his life... Read more >

The best luxury safari spa in the world

If this little video doesn't inspire you to escape the rate race for a few days being pampered in the South African bush then nothing will! Read more >

Samara welcomes two new cubs

Sibella Does it again! 2 more cubs to add to the highly endangered Cheetah population in South Africa Read more >

Pumba Ranger Diary and Wildlife Photographs - 17 January 2012

Happy New Year to all at Pumba Private Game Reserve! Pieter Dunn has once again sent us a fascinating excerpt from the Ranger Diary and some of his stunning wildlife images. Read more >

Thula Thula Game Drive Video

Earlier this year Rachel Parsons aka 'The Peregrine Dame' (a solo traveller who records her worldwide adventures) visited Thula Thula Private Game Reserve and created several videos including this one... Read more >

Volunteers Learn Tracking Skills at Samara

Tracking in the Karoo has been a traditional method of locating animals, birds and reptiles for many years.  Originating from the time of the Khoisan, tracking was used to follow and locate the animals, primarily as a source of food for themselves.  Although the hunt was not always successful, the tracking method wasThus the need for trained and qualified trackers came about. Read more >

Wildlife Wednesday - Focus on the Cheetah

This week in our Wildlife Wednesday slot we turn our attention to the cheetah, one of Africa's most loved wild cats. Read more >

Pumba Ranger Diary and Wildlife Images 20 March 2011

Did you miss the Pumba updates and photos in recent weeks? They're back, from today! More stunning images, this week from Pumba ranger Pieter Dunn... Read more >


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