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Top 10 Travel Related Songs

It’s Friday so I thought I’d have a bit of cheesy fun here on the Portfolio Travel Blog with a selection of my Top 10 Travelling / Holiday Songs. Read more >

10 Best Gifts to Buy in South Africa

We're re-posting this article in time for Christmas :-)One of the major downsides of travelling is that nagging voice at the back of your mind when you’re chilling on a beach – you know, the one that says “you can’t lie here all day relaxing, you have to Go Shopping. For Gifts. Read more >


Feel Good Travel Video

If this clip doesn't make you smile, and want to travel the world, nothing will! Read more >

10 Fun Facts About the African Penguin

Here are ten facts you may not know about the African Penguin. Read more >


10 Things You Can Do in a South African Township

I spent the day in a local Cape Town township last week Friday and compiled this list of things you can do next time you visit one. Read more >

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10 Fun Family Holiday Activities and Venues in and around Durban

There's a lot more to Durban than golden beaches washed with warm waves, and tropical heat. Here are our 10 family friendly activities in Durbanfor these holidays. Read more >


10 Summer Holiday Activities for Kids in Johannesburg

If you’re staying in Johannesburg for the coming holidays, there is plenty to see and do for families and kids in and around Jo’burg. Read more >


Top 10 Holiday Activities for Kids in Cape Town

Summer is here bringing long, lazy days where the only sounds are Christmas beetles chirping, the splash of swimmingpools, ice cream sellers’ bells - and kids whining “Mo---om. I’m BORED! Read more >


The Greatest Gatsby in Cape Town

Gatsbys are, for many South Africans, what Doner Kebabs are for Brits – a great takeaway with which to round off a big night out. But what IS a Gatsby and where are the best ones to be found? Read more >