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Website and online reservation system terms & conditions

Booking Commissions and Payments

Cancellation Policy

Offline Bookings

Security Policy

Accommodation Availability and Validity Period

All enquiries and quotes are subject to a validity period as specified by the establishment, and the establishment is obliged to honour any such validity which constitutes a Provisional Reservation. Should there be any booking errors in this respect, the establishment will be required to liaise with Portfolio’s call centre in an effort to secure suitable alternative arrangements. Any double-bookings of this nature will entitle Portfolio to cancel this Agreement and remove the establishment’s listing from the Website and reservation service. If it is not the establishment’s policy to hold reservations provisionally, the establishment is obliged to indicate the same to the enquirer in writing.

Website General

Portfolio may suspend or remove the establishment’s entry on the Website and the online reservations at any time:


The establishment's accommodation, premises, contents, facilities, equipment and services comply fully with all applicable national, local, trade and other laws, regulations and codes of practice relating to hygiene, fire, maintenance and safety and other general standards for those using the establishment's services and facilities in all respects. The establishment will hold and maintain in force throughout the period of this agreement the appropriate valid certificates and documents confirming such compliance.

Disclaimers and Liability