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Safari & Beach

Going on a safari etches an impression of Africa on your heart, and sometimes just participating on the scheduled game viewing activities that traditional safari lodges offer, isn’t enough. There’s an impulse to put your feet in the African soil, to experience the thrill of sleeping under the stars, or in a luxury tented camp with only canvas between you and the sounds of the bush outside, without having to wander too far away from your creature comforts.

Chances are that it won’t be the soundest sleep you have ever had – don’t underestimate how loud the bush sounds can be, or how close an animal can seem, especially lions roaring to gather their pride. But of course for others this is exactly the appeal. Imagine sleeping in a luxury king-size bed on a raised deck in the middle of a game reserve, surrounded only by flickering lanterns and listening to a lullaby of roaring lions, chirping crickets and laughing hyenas. Wake at sunrise to the singing of the birdsong and with warmth of the new light, as a new adventure awaits you.

There is no better way to enjoy the spirit of the bush than being out on a walking safari and having the freedom to roam in such close proximity to Africa’s magnificent wildlife. It impresses a degree of respect for your surrounds as you realise you’re no longer just a spectator, but now a participant in the journey of the wild.

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