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Your African experience wish list

Because we all have that dream list of unforgettable African experiences we’d love to have…

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Cape Town water update

In short, the Mother City is open for business and ready to welcome you. We bring you the facts...

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Seven alternative safaris to add to your bucket list

Traditional safaris are amazing but so are these - sometimes it’s fun to try something a little different…

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Out of Africa: What to expect from a private safari experience

So much to look forward to on your private safari adventure…

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How to choose between a private safari and a national park

Everything you need to know about making the right safari destination choice...

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Everything you need to know about holidaying at Victoria Falls

All the important bits worth knowing before you head to the Falls…

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Seven reasons to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls

Experiencing the Falls in all their glory will take your breath away…

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Africa: The only place to celebrate that special occasion

Head to our incredible continent for that once-in-a-lifetime celebration...

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How to choose your African itinerary

Some useful tips when planning that dream holiday to magical Africa…

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This is Mozambique

Get better acquainted with this colourful and fascinating African country…

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Seven must-do things while holidaying in Mauritius

So much to do and see on your next visit to this tropical paradise…

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All the colours of Zanzibar: Your guide to the Spice Islands

We bring you some of the highlights of this incredible archipelago...

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Seven reasons why The Seychelles should be your next holiday destination

A seriously stunning island escape that will be love at first sight…

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Your African adventure video keepsake

We’ll stitch together the moments from your epic African journey to create a special keepsake to cherish forever…

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Seven reasons why you should book your dream Africa trip with us

Some of many reasons why Portfolio Journeys should be your first choice when booking that trip of a lifetime…

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Design your perfect African getaway with Portfolio Journeys

Whatever your timeframe, whatever the experience and whoever you want to share it with, we’ll make it happen…

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Horseback safaris & self-drives: Experience Africa a little differently

Sometimes doing things with a twist means gaining a whole new perspective, especially when it comes to travel…

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Splurge when you travel to Africa with dollars, pounds and euros now, in 2018 & beyond

Make all your African travel dreams come true with currencies that will get you more bang for your buck…

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African journeys: Our travellers sharing their stories

Because no one says it better than real travellers recounting real adventures...

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A Traveller's Tale: Out of Africa with the Nachtigals (Germany)

Reading like an African journal, we follow some of the highlights from a wonderful three-week holiday...

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