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The Seychelles

The Seychelles is a picture perfect island escape that is immensely popular as a honeymoon or romantic getaway destination. The archipelago country consists of 115 islands, all with dazzling, palm tree lined beaches of the finest white sand and clear turquoise waters that detail every stripe on the schools of tropical fish. Situated in the warm Indian Ocean, 98% of the local population can be found on the 42 inland islands. Here you can base yourself at an exclusive luxury resort and go on an island hopping mission to find your perfect beach. Daily flights leave from the main island of Mahe to many of the outlying islands, while others are only accessible by boat. Some are just a handful of kilometres in diameter, providing unparalleled privacy and secluded coves where you can spend entire days on your own. The Seychelles is especially renowned for its success at balancing development and tourism with ecological conservation. The tropical forests found throughout the archipelago are beautiful and wild, giving you every reason to explore.

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