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Big Adventures

When you think of Africa, you think beautiful beaches, untamed bush and gourmet food and wine, but for some people, travel needs to have a bit of an edge. If you like your travel with a side of adrenaline, read on for some big adventures that we can add into any of our itineraries.

Travel down the Okavango in a Mokoro

Mokoro trips are the best way to explore the Okavango Delta. The Mokoro is a traditional dug-out canoe and the most popular mode of transport on the Delta. A Mokoro trip gives you a unique way to view water-based game. One minute you'll be paddling peacefully down the network of lagoons, and the next the waters will part in front of you as a herd of hippo rises to the surface. Your experienced guide will paddle you expertly past them, far away enough to be safe but close enough to see the droplets of water on their giant nostrils.

Get close to the Big Five on a walking safari

Instead of sitting safely in the confines of your game vehicle, how about venturing into big game country on foot, accompanied by experienced armed rangers and trackers - often for several days. Walking safaris are spine-tingling adventures that allow you to feel at one with the animals. You'll get the most amazing photo opportunities and at night you'll snuggle into your tent, listening to the roars and barks of the night all around you.

Be a daredevil at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, locally known as the Mosi-oa-Tunay (The Smoke that Thunders) is not just a magical sight for would-be photographers. It also offers adrenaline junkies a number of ways to get closer to the water to test your courage.

Devil's Pool is a natural rock pool that teeters on the edge of Victoria Falls. Between the months of September and January this pool is shallow enough for you to swim right up to the edge of the falls, bringing you just a few feet from the point where over 500 million litres of water a minute cascades down into the gorge.

Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River are spectacular from the ground, but literally breath-taking from the air. Fly over the Falls in a microlight and see this majestic natural wonder from a bird's eye view. Alternatively, dive 111m over the falls on a bungee jump or zoom across the deep gorge on a zipline.

Rafting enthusiasts can try white water rafting down the Zambezi. The Zambezi River below the Falls offers what many consider to be the best white water rafting run in the world. As you hurtle through the long and violent rapids, down steep gradients and over big drops, you'll have a chance to take in the incredible scenery on the calm stretches of water in between swirling eddies. Your rafting adventure options range from two and five days and include camping on pristine white beaches under starlight, as well as plenty of stops to swim in the tranquil parts of the river.

Follow the Great Migration in a mobile tented safari

A bucket list experience on any safari-lover’s list is following the massive herds of wildebeest as they move across the Serengeti Plains during the Great Migration. The Ndutu Kati Kati is a seasonal mobile camp in the south Serengeti that allows guests to watch as millions of wildebeest and other plains game head off in search of fresh grass and shoots, while stealthy predators follow closely behind the herds in search of their next meal. The camp consists of ten spacious tents, each with a private en-suite bathroom for privacy and comfort. The entire structure is mobile and the camp is positioned in the best place for game viewing, and when it is all over – the philosophy of the company is not to leave anything behind.

Commune with the chimpanzees in Tanzania

The Mahale Mountains National Park in Western Tanzania is home to the largest known chimpanzee population in the country (almost 1700 chimpanzees live within its borders) and is the only place where you can see chimpanzees in their natural habitat. It's also a place where lions and chimpanzees peacefully co-exist and is one of the few parks in Africa that is best experienced on foot. Head out to see these incredible animals up close and experience the feeling of looking in what seems to be a slightly distorted mirror.

Go Scuba Diving in the Quirimbas Archipelago

The Quirimba Archipelago in Mozambique, also known as the ‘African Caribbean’, offers even the most casual diver all the delights of an underwater safari. Whether you go deep sea diving or merely snorkel around the shallow bays, you will see gardens of coral tables, dolphins, turtles and shoals of neon fish. The crystal-clear waters magnify every underwater detail and you might be lucky to even see humpback whales.

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