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Safari & Beach

Africa is the top destination in the world for combining two ultimate bucket list trips - a Big Five safari experience and a palm tree-fringed, tropical beach escape.

An African safari is a huge draw that will leave you with lasting memories, incredible photos and a respect for the circle of life as you realise you’re no longer just a spectator, but a participant in the journey of the wild. We offer safari packages to every imaginable destination, from Big Five trips to Kruger, to the elephants of Etosha, to the greatest spectacle on earth, the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania.

Imagine sleeping in a luxury king-size bed on a raised deck in the middle of a game reserve, surrounded only by flickering lanterns and listening to a lullaby of roaring lions, chirping crickets and laughing hyenas. Wake at sunrise to the singing of the starlings and the new day's adventure that awaits you.

It's exciting, wild and inspirational. After all of that, you'll need a holiday! Our beach destinations are designed to give you maximum pleasure with minimal decision making, unless you count which book to devour on your sun lounger or which cocktail to choose for sundowners.

We can take you diving in the unspoilt archipelago islands of Mozambique, walking through the cobbled streets of the richly cultured Spice Island of Zanzibar, sailing the bays of the Seychelles or exploring the rain forests adjacent to the beaches of Mauritius. Whichever island you choose, we guarantee soda-white sands, azure blue oceans and long and lazy days of sunshine and relaxing.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right destinations for your safari and beach dream trip. Let our travel consultants guide you through your options and make your greatest fantasy a reality.

Suggested Itineraries

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