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Johannesburg Map

Greater Johannesburg Map


Johannesburg(Also affectionately known as Jozi and Jo’burg)


Pulsating, vibrant and fast. Stop for a moment in Jozi and you’ll surely get left behind!  It’s that kind of city.  Built on gold, also known as eGoli (city of gold), Jo’burg was established in 1886 and its early history was famously characterized by the “Randlords and Rogues”.  Although the role players might have changed, the politics of Johannesburg remain, to a large extent, the same: exceptionally wealthy areas with high-rise walls and private security guards contrast with impoverished squatter camps.  The Apartheid Museum on the outskirts of the city is an excellent and interactive testament to the horror of Apartheid.


Today the inner city has a distinctly African feel with many hawkers selling their wares, including fruit, on the sidewalks. In the northern suburbs of Sandton, Rosebank and Houghton suburban bliss abounds with tree-lined avenues and gated suburbs. The Market City Precinct is THE Arts and Cultural Centre of Gauteng Province.


The city is the largest and the wealthiest in South Africa and is literally packed with shopping centers, theatres and cinemas.  Many fabulous restaurants, bars and coffee shops abound – after all Jo'burgers love company and the finer things in life! Sandton, Bryanston, Darrenwood, Melville, Craighall Park, Morningside, Halfway House and Houghton are popular residential and lifestyle suburbs. All this under the canopy of the largest man-made forest in the world since the earliest settlers were obsessed with planting trees on the stark Highveld plains.


Jozi’s Rea Vaya bus rapid transit system has been running successfully for the past year. Coupled with the Gautrain (high speed rail network), Rea Vaya has revolutionised the city’s public transport system.


Darrenwood, Cresta and Northcliff


Darrenwood, Cresta and Northcliff are small suburbs of Randburg where you will find numerous houses and apartments dating back to the 1960s.  There is the Darrenwood Sports Centre, the Darrenwood Dam and numerous sports clubs and bowling clubs.  Just to the South of Darrenwood are the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and the Emmarentia Dam and Sailing Club. The nearest large shopping centre to Darrenwood is the Cresta Shopping Centre, which is situated just a few blocks away to the West.  Darrenwood is also home to the bird sanctuary at Victory Park, and to the south the Alberts Farm Sanctuary. Darrenwood is only a few minutes’ drive away from the N1 Highway. Overlooking it all is Northcliff where many of the original homes have sweeping views to the distant Magaliesberg mountains.




At one stage in its past Fourways was a rural area centred around a four-way stop street.  No more!  Today, Fourways is a sprawling suburban landscape of townhouses and cluster homes and is also home to Johannesburg’s most popular casino – Montecasino. 


Houghton Estate


Undoubtedly Houghton’s most celebrated resident is Nelson Mandela, and it’s easy to understand why he chose Houghton. It’s a tranquil, affluent suburb, with plenty of birdsong, large trees, generous old homes and swimming pools.  Golfers can walk in the footsteps of golfing legends such as Ernie Els and Gary player at the lush, scenic Houghton Golf Course.


Midrand / Halfway House


A suburb of Midrand, Halfway House is, as its name implies, half way between the Rand (Witwatersrand) and Pretoria and used to be very rural with plenty of smallholdings.  Developers have moved in en-masse and most of the rural atmosphere has been transformed into trendy, modern townhouse complexes and various shopping centres with voguish restaurants.  Midrand and Halfway House are built around the N1 and house large-scale industries, i.e. textiles and motor vehicles.  With all the developments in Midrand, there is little break between the outskirts of Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Gallagher Estate is a large and popular conference venue, and Kyalami Race track is the home of motor racing in Gauteng.  Look out for Lipizzaners in the area – the South African Lipizzaners have earned the honour of being the only performing Lipizzaners outside Vienna, recognised by and affiliated to the Spanish Riding School.


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Rosebank has it all: movies, shopping malls, upmarket hotels, fine dining, old homes, top art galleries, night clubs, businesses...  And that’s just for starters!  It’s an attractive and popular hangout for many of the city’s dwellers and visitors – there are some lovely open verdant squares offering sidewalk restaurants.  Every Sunday, the Rosebank Rooftop Market above The Mall of Rosebank is full of stalls selling an array of goods from ceramics to clothing, from jewellery to pancakes!


Sandton (including Rivonia, Bryanston, Morningside, Inanda, Chartwell)


Welcome to some of South Africa’s wealthiest square miles, but make sure you don’t get lost – take a streetmap or you could end up down one of the gated roads and you’ll be frustratedly zig-zagging your way up and down shut-off streets. Head for Sandton City - a popular shopping and entertainment centre. Sip a cappuccino in Nelson Mandela Square and marvel at the 6-meter tall bronze statue of the iconic statesman – and remember as you do, that the Rivonia farm where Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters were arrested in 1963, is not far from here. Today,


Lilliesleaf is home to an outstanding museum, where visitors can witness how the Rivonia Trialists were captured by the police – the old house remains and interactive displays make the museum well worth a visit.  Sandton is a thriving business hub – over the years many high profile banks and businesses have migrated here from Johannesburg’s city centre. 


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Randburg occupies the northwestern segment of Johannesburg and contains several established, well-off suburbs.  Here you’ll find many shopping malls and thousands of billboards.  The Randburg Waterfront is centered around a little lake and is a popular after work drinking haunt.  The area is full of businesses - including many large media and television companies. Darrenwood, Cresta and Northcliff are suburbs of Randburg.