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Kwazulu-Natal Battlefields Map

KwaZulu Natal Tourism Region: Battlefields Map


KZN Battlefields  

The natural beauty of this region seems to clash with the fact that there has been so much bloodshed here. It is indeed amidst these picturesque hills and unique rock formations of this vast terrain that the mighty Zulu nation collided with the bullish British in a series of skirmishes that saw spear and firearm vying for victory. The Battle at Isandlwana changed the Empire when 1 700 British soldiers were wiped out by the Zulu army on 22 January 1879. Near Isandlwana, Louis Napoleon, heir to the French Bonaparte throne, died on patrol in 1879, ending the dynasty. Visit the Anglo Boer War sites of the Battle of Talana and Spioenkop and the Ladysmith Siege Museum.


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