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Mozambique Map


After a somewhat dark history involving close on 20 years of guerrilla warfare, Mozambique has emerged as one of Africa’s most desirable locations for travellers looking for a unique experience on the continent.
Mozambique has a fascinating amalgamation of cultures, with strong Portuguese influences combined with Swahili – a hybrid culture created from the mingling of Arab traders and indigenous people in the region.
Visitors to Mozambique can enjoy numerous unusual and exotic experiences such as diving and snorkelling off the magical islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago, sailing in a dhow through mangrove channels, exploring colonial-are buildings and ruins on Ilha de Moçambique or encountering African wildlife on safari in the Gorongosa National Park. More laid-back Mozambique experiences can be found at Maputo’s sidewalk cafes and jazz bars where you can dance the night away to traditional marrabenta music.
The adventurous traveller will want to explore Northern Mozambique while those in search of a more chilled holiday will prefer Southern Mozambique.