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Africa is an amazing continent and we enjoyed every minute of the scenery, people, food, culture and of course, the animals. The logistics that you planned made our trip very easy and without any worry or stress.

Jim & Heather Lyijynen, United States

Our dedicated travel experts can take the guess work out of planning your itinerary by working closely with you to determine your requirements, expectations, budget, and wishlist.

Our advice is based on our personal, tried and tested experiences. All our tours are fully customised according to your preferences. For examples of what we can do, take a look at our suggested itineraries.

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Personalised Itineraries

As with all the tours and itineraries on our website, these are just examples of what you can piece together for you. We plan each itinerary according to your preferences, coordinating destinations and accommodation to your budget and requirements. Contact us to start planning your dream vacation.

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