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5 Uniquely South African Gift Ideas

Portfolio Collection's 5 Uniquely South African Gift Ideas

  1. Artisan Beer

Sure everyone knows South African wines are always a great gift idea, but with the increase in locally brewed and micro brewed beers why not consider a change in your liquid gifting this year?

We love:

  1. Vintage SA brand T-shirts

Big Blue carries a range of funky African influenced clothes for men and women but their T-Shirts make especially great gifts. I love their vintage Ts which feature good old SA favourite brands such as Sunlight Soap and Marmite. Men & Women style Ts available.

  1. Photography as Art

Art is always a welcome gift (as long as you get the recipient’s personal taste right) Photography makes a unique gift – especially if the image tells a story.

We love Dutch photographer Kathalijne van Zutphen’s limited edition series of portraits of young Cape Town Creatives as featured in her recent solo exhibition “Swimming Upstream” at The Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street. Each image captures the creative spirit of the subject in a unique Cape Town setting.

Each print has been framed using the Diasec method.

Prices on request (up to R4000)

  1. Stoep Truffles

Now here is a really unique gift that will be especially prized by your foodie friends - and one that shows long time commitment to your friendship!

The stoep truffle tree is an oak tree that has been inoculated with the spores of the highly prized French black truffle and planted into a pot as a veranda tree.

Given as a gift to a friend or family member, the stoep truffle tree holds the promise of a slice of exclusivity when, in five to seven years, if you’ve taken good care of it and you’re lucky, it should begin to produce truffles.

  • Buy Stoep Truffles online: Truffles of Africa

  1. Proteas

Been invited to a yearend dinner party? Instead of the usual bunch of Chrysanthemums rather make the effort and present your host with a bouquet of proteas. Celebrate our beautiful national flower and let your recipient know you have originality and excellent taste.

  • Buy proteas online at Proteas Direct