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7 reasons to visit the Green Kalahari

Often referred to as the Kokerboom Route, this small region within the Kalahari which is easy to explore with short driving distances between all the best sights and great places to stay.

1. Otherworldliness

Like a lunar landscape, harsh rocky mountains, wide plains of red Kalahari sands, desert-adapted plants and animals miraculously eek out a life.

2. Kokerboom trees

A very rare and unique plant, the Kokerboom (also known as the Quiver Tree), is a tree aloe which has the ability to store water in its stems and leaves. Confined to the Northern Cape and Namibia, this tree aloe is found growing mainly on the rocky habitat of the hills along the Orange River. Be sure to visit the local nursery which specializes in growing these endangered plants from seed.

San bushmen used to use the branches to make quivers for their poisoned arrows which is how it got it's colloquial name.

3. Augrabies Falls

Located in the Augrabies Falls National Park about 120 km west of Upington, the Augrabies Falls are the highest falls in South Africa and have carved a dramatic 19km gorge through granite rock, 160 meters deep.

Tip: Book dinner at the restaurant and you get access to the park after hours for the most beautiful sunset views

4. Aardvarks and aardwolfe

Take a night drive through the Augrabies National Park to tick off animals you've never seen, or perhaps even heard of, such as the Lesser Spotted Genet, Pangolin, Cape Porcupine or, if you're lucky, Leopard.

5. Birding

The Kalahari is best known in birding terms for its diversity and abundance of raptors. Your raptor spots will include: Bateleur, Red-necked and Pygmy Falcons, and Verreaux’s Eagle Owl. The Burchell’s Sandgrouse and Pink-billed Lark are also local to the area.

6. Grapes and wine

South Africans don't see the grapes from this area - they're so sweet, they're exported straight to the best markets in Europe, where they hit the shelves first because they ripen earliest.

7. African Vineyard Guest House

African Vineyard Guest House is a relaxed, shaded, birded, watered and well catered property that's worth traveling all this way for - just to spend a few idle days next to streams running through the gardens.

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