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Amarula Afterglow - The Perfect South African Sundowner

Kinda similar to Bailey's, Amarula is a rich a creamy liquer made from the berries of the Marula tree.

Here's a little background on Amarula's romantic origins, and a delicious recipe for Amarula Afterglow - ideal served on a deck at sunset overlooking a watering hole at a luxury South African safari lodge, but also perfect on your own stoep after work any day of the week...



By mid-February, at the height of the African summer, the sub-Saharan plains are laden with the heady, tropical fragrance of the tall and graceful marula trees, a signal that their sun-kissed, succulent yellow fruits are ripe and ready for plucking.
It is only the female trees that bear the delicious yellow-skinned fruits, yielding anything from 500 kilograms to 2 tons of fruit each. That’s enough not only to feed the elephants but also to make Amarula.
Elephants and Marula trees
Once picked, the fruit is separated from its kernel and the flesh crushed from the skins.  The flesh is then fermented in the same way that pressed grapes are fermented to make wine. The marula wine is double-distilled and matured in small oak casks for two years before being blended with the freshest cream to create Amarula’s mouth-wateringly rich and indulgent taste that’s just right for Valentine’s Day.
Adding to the romantic allure of Amarula’s origins is that the single-stemmed trees, topped with dense and spreading crowns, are known by some African communities as “marriage” trees.  Growing only in the sub-Saharan wild, they often provide the focal point for ritual and cultural activities amongst villagers, and weddings conducted beneath their ample shade are a regular sight.
Serve chilled in the company of your favourite person, or mix up your own delicious and fun cocktail by following the recipe below that makes for a romantic occasion!

Amarula Afterglow

60 ml Amarula
60 ml Nachtmusik
30 ml pineapple pulp (pineapple crushed or blended)
Pinch of finely chopped fresh chilli to taste
Pineapple wedge or chocolate twirl to garnish
Ice cubes
Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker or blender. Close container, shake or blend well to mix thoroughly and pour into a tall champagne flute pre-filled with ice cubes or serve on the rocks in a hollowed out pineapple with a straw.  Garnish with a pineapple wedge or a twirl of chocolate.