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Avoova collectibles lend support to rhino conservation


The plight of the rhino is one that most South Africans are increasingly aware of and yet, given the dire situation, this cause needs constant support to monitor and exert a change that sustains these endangered animals. On the 18th of July Avoova took part in the Rhino Conservation auction at Hyde Park Corner, alongside renowned wildlife sculptor Donald Greig, to lend much needed support to this worthy cause.

Hosted by Anton Weltz, and in association with established jewellery house Charles Greig, proceeds from the revered collection of auction items including one of the rare Avoova “Two in the Bush” champagne buckets were donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Avoova is a South African success story that shows how ostrich eggshell can be transformed into luxury works of art. Avoova are rare African luxury collectibles that have found their way into spectacular private residences, hotels and yachts across the globe including leading safari lodges in South Africa.



Avoova are committed to creating a sustainable luxury enterprise that employs over 50 artisans from marginalized communities in and around Prince Albert, where the intricate items for the home are created by hand. The product of more than 40 highly labour intensive processes, Avoova strives to combine functionality with a sophisticated African sensuality. The eggshells used in the production process are all ethically sourced from surrounding Ostrich farms to ensure that the environment is always respected. Taking part in this auction was a logical step for the unique luxury brand who had just opened their latest boutique at Hyde Park in June.

Speaking at the auction, Avoova’s co-founder and CEO, Tom Goddard said, “We are passionate about nature and are excited to do our part in supporting those who commit their time and efforts to save this majestic animal that forms part of our heritage and Big Five.”