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He heard the Owl call his Name


Of his meeting with the owl, Axel says:


"The thing that tickles me is that he just sat there staring at me.


We called the Montecasino Bird Gardens - we live around the corner - to ask if they were missing one of their's (he seemed so "tame"), but they said he was probably just sleepy and felt pretty comfortable with me sitting there, snapping away it him, no sudden moves, etc.





The cat on the other side of the garden stressed him more than me, a meter away.







He came back later that night... and then I googled "owl superstitions", which wasn't too much fun  -


"See an owl in daylight" = bad luck. 


"See an owl on your roof" = expect a death... bah!






Axel took these images with the Canon 5D Mark II.


See more of his work on his flickr pages.