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How Paternoster Got its Name


Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa is an unspoiled fishing village best known for its large quantities of Cape Lobster, long white beaches and picturesque fishermen’s’ cottages. In recent times it has grown in popularity as a kind of backwater Paradise for those wanting to escape the more crowded tourist spots in the Western Cape.


There are two theories as to the origins of the name Paternoster:


Theory number one is a little ho-hum – that the name is derived from a kind of fishing tackle that originated here.


Theory number two is rather more dramatic…


Legend has it that many years ago a Portuguese vessel was shipwrecked off that stretch of coast and the survivors said the Lord’s Prayer / Our Father (Paternoster) in thanks for their deliverance from a potential watery grave.


 CC Steve Crane


Things to Do in Paternoster:


1. Enjoy the wild flowers in spring at the Columbine Nature Reserve just 3 km away.


2. Visit Tietiesbaai (made famous by Pieter Pieterse, a fisherman who died here) where campers and caravaners collect each summer.

3. See the lighthouse at CapeColumbine – it’s the last manned lighthouse to have been built on the South African coast


4. Explore The Lisboa shipwreck which ran aground at Soldier’s Reef back on 23 October 1910. This was the first time that radio telegraphy was used for s ship in distress on the South African coast.


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