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Portfolio Personality Profile 3: Ruth Charsley

Profile on Ruth Charsley of Qi Hai Health, Healing and Beauty Centre

Who would ever think that in the tiny village of Colchester, 40 kilometres from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, there is a Traditional Chinese Practitioner treating guests at the Dungbeetle River Lodge? These treatments enhance their holiday experience through relaxation, stress relief and aids the healing process when the aches and pains of travel restrict their enjoyment.  The setting with the Sea and the river and the mountains on the other side, relates beautifully with the science of Feng Shui which forms part of TCM. (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

I started my study with Dr Zhong Lan, who was from Communist China. My husband and I were living in Mozambique at the time when Dr Zhong Lan who we got to know quite well, was there.  I knew that this was to be my future, so during one of her visits, I asked her if she would teach me the skills of TCM. Dr Zhong Lan told me “You talk too much and ask too many Question”. I realised many years later that, her statement was my first lesson, which was, “clear your mind and listen with your inner being”. By doing this, you open yourself to receive all teachings. I left it at that and was disappointed but had to accept her decision. After 3 months, while meeting with her again, she said “I will teach you”. I was delighted!

 Little did I realise the enormity of what I let myself in for. She started by teaching me about the different properties of food and how it relates to our organs and bodies. Adding to that, how we are affected by the Qi or energies of the trees, water, earth and fire, metal in the universe around us. How each person is unique, but each falls into a category of body and mind type.

So my journey began, not only learning about the science of Holistic healing, but also about myself.

Working with, and assisting the Dr. to whom I was assigned, in the Clinic and hospital, and learning the methods of diagnosis and then administering acupuncture, was a special experience.

After many months of instensive study, the month finally arrived for the final examination. Anyone who has done study of any nature would understand the highs and lows of, have I done enough? Have I studied enough?  Do I know enough? Have I given my absolute all?  The answer was YES. Finally I hold a Certificate for Traditional Chinese Healing.

After a wonderful journey around Tibet I came back to South Africa and re-established my practice in Colchester on the banks of the beautiful Sundays River, with a whole lot more experience, knowledge and a greater and deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Healing.

Beau has joined me in my practice where we have combined the Eastern methods with those of the West. This works very well for those people needing short and long term relief from the mental and physical pressures of stress or illness experienced during ones daily living.




Stay at Dungbeetle Lodge


Set on the banks of the Sundays River near Colchester in the Eastern Cape, with sweeping river views, Dungbeetle River Lodge is minutes from the new entrance to Addo Elephant Park. Dungbeetle River Lodge offers quality Bed and Breakfast accommodation in safari style rooms with modern comforts, including DSTV, bar fridge and tea tray.

Sip a drink watching the sun set over the impressive Alexandria dune fields. Enjoy a delicious farmhouse breakfast on the deck overlooking the river. Beach walks, dune hikes, river swimming, canoeing and fishing. Owners are qualified nature guides for Addo Elephant Park, and arrange game drives, elephant back safaris and sea cruises.