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Pumba Wildlife Images and Ranger Diary 24 January 2011

Ranger Diary

24 January 2010



The Sub Adult lion continue to grow, and are tending to partake more in the hunts, which their mother carries out. They too, have become extremely inquisitive in anything that moves, which is of interest to them. This week saw a very secretive animal being exposed, with the White Lion as well as the Pride in the Main Section of Pumba, killing Aardwolf.



This small little member of the Hyena Family spends a lot of its time looking for Termites which it either unearths itself or awaits mounds being disturbed by Aardvark. It is suspected that the Sub Adults killed it out of typical chase and chat, which is so often observed by adolescents, honing in their instincts, rather than an animal that would be consumed.



The Breeding Herd of Elephant have provided good sightings over the past week, though have made themselves very hard to find, due to the waves of rain that has moved over the reserve, which continues to do so.
The additional mega herbivores of the reserve continue to thrive, and provide exceptional sightings for guests who have visited us. The Giraffe calves, have avoided being killed by the Lion, and now closely resemble the adults, which is always a pleasure to note.
 ~Richard Pearse

All images provided by Pumba. All rights reserved.


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