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Shebeen Study Lessons for Township Students

A small group of dedicated Grade 11 pupils from a Khayelitsha school (Lahlaza High School) have been studying hard for their end of year exams for the past 6 months - in a shebeen.

And they really are studying. Unable to find any other suitable time and place to get revision done, these pupils decided that 10 pm to 3 am was the quietest time to get cracking with the books - and they decided that local shebeen Mpumie’s Place (owned by one of the pupil's mothers) would be the ideal venue.

The regular punters, though initially not too happy to see the youngsters in 'their' territory, are now used to the group swatting away through the small hours and according to some pupils they even offer help if the students get stuck with a maths problem. In fact, some regulars have raised funds for textbooks for the pupils.

I really think this kind of dedication is to be acknowledged -township life cannot be easy at the best of times, and I struggled to motivate myself to study for my Matric finals (MANY years ago) lying alongside the swimming pool of my peaceful suburban home.

I think we can all learn something from these students - if you are determined to succede in life you won't let circumstances get in your way - and you will find a way through any difficulty.

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