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Top Tips for Staying Cool in a Heat Wave


Top Tips for Staying Cool in a Heatwave


1. Spray away the heat - keep small spray bottles filled with water in the fridge and use chilled in the office or car - a fine mist on your face and pulse points (inner elbows, behind the ears and knees) will cool the blood down.

2. Close the curtains. While the sun is out it pays to draw curtains and close blinds. If the air outside is hotter than inside keep the windows closed.

3. Keep Granny indoors. The elderly are very susceptible to dehydration and heat stroke. Encourage older family members to remain indoors during the heat of the day, and to drink plenty of liquids.

4. Head for the basement. Remember that science lesson? Hot air rises. Stay on the ground floor or below if your building has a basement, even for short breaks.

5. DIY Aircon. Got no aircon but have a box fan?  Place a tub of ice water behind the fan and wait. The cool air will be pulled away from the tub and cool down your home.

6. Get a haircut! Seriously, long and / or thick hair acts like a wooly hat and if your head and feet are hot, the rest of your body struggles to cool down. If you've been considering a chop now's the time to do it.  

7. Keep kids cool. Like Grannies, little ones also need extra protection from the heat. Make sure young kids and especially babies drink a LOT more fluid, especially water. Use sunblock and sunhats and sun shades and don't let them play outdoors between 10 a.m and 3 p.m. And DO NOT leave kids alone in the car, even for a few minutes.

8. Flick a switch. Lights and appliances in your house, when on, can actually raise the temperature indoors. If you're using fans and air con you'll be using more electricity anyhow, so balance things out by switching off all unnecessary lights etc during the day.

9. Sleep with an iceblock. No, really, this works. One of those ice packs used for cooler boxes can be wrapped in a hand towel and kept in the bed, basically as the opposite of a hotwater bottle.

10. Don't forget Fido. Pets feel the heat in a big way. So would you all covered in fur from nose to toes. Put out buckets of water for the day if you're not around your pets and as with kids, whatever you do DON'T leave dogs locked in cars.


And a bonus tip...


Eat more ice cream!



(Images: Joy-Anne Goodenough. Creative Commons License)