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Who is the Red Man watching over the CTICC?


Lizette says: "'I am watching you' ........I found this piece of art work next to the Convention Centre ....largely looming over all with, what seems to be its heart ripped out.....wonder where we can find out the story behind this or it's meaning?"


And here's what we found out, thanks to an article on The Property Magazine from which the following extract is taken:

'Gavin Younge's sculpture will be a nine-metre-high human figure, red in colour and made up of two thick steel plates curved sideways to resemble the aerofoil shape of a leaf in the wind. The figure's surface is networked by vein or skeleton-type decorations and rifts that will act as wind vanes. Younge says that his work, known as Olduvai, harks back to the gorge of that name in the Rift Valley and is, therefore, a tribute to mankind's evolutionary perseverance in Africa, the Cradle of Mankind.'

(Article text copyright © 2008, The Property Magazine. All rights reserved.)
While the above was clearly written before Olduvai was completed it tells us what we need to know about it.
Find out more about the artist on his website
So what do you think readers? Do you love or hate this sculpture? Does it enhance the Foreshore or detract from it?
Let us know in the comments section below.

About the photographer

Lizette Shaw is a Capetonian who works in Long Street in the CBD and likes to snap fun photos. She sends us colourful and random photos she takes while out and about, as and when the opportunity arises.

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