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Wildlife Wednesday - South Africa's Little 5

We all know about Africa's Big 5 - but on your next South African safari why not set yourself the goal of viewing the far harder to spot Little 5?

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Wildlife Wednesday - Buffalo Weaver

Herewith the first in our series of Wildlife Wednesday posts focusing on each of South Africa's 'Little 5'

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Wildlife Friday

We were so taken up with the shark attack on Wednesday that our usual Wildlife Wednesday slot fell by the wayside. Thanks to Kosi Forest Lodge and Read more >

Wildlife Wednesday - Why Reptiles Sun Themselves

Today's Wildlife Wednesday snippet answers an interesting question...

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Wildlife Wednesday - Gondwana's Lions, beauty, not beast

A stunning photostory from featured blogger, freelance photographer John Maarschalk, of the lions at Gondwana Game Reserve.

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Wildlife Wednesday - Pumba Ranger Diary and Wildlife Images 8 August 2012

Latest news and pics from Pieter Dunn, intrepid ranger at Pumba Private Game Reserve. Look out for info on Pumba's last minute special at the foot of the page...

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Wildlife Wednesday - Humpback whales in False Bay

Apex Expedition crew member Kat Hodgson was able to tick a very special item off her bucket list when she spotted humpback whales in Cape waters...

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Wildlife Wednesday - Rights for Rhinos

Two men are walking across South Africa to raise awareness and funds around our rhino crisis - you can join them (for an hour or a day...)

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Wildlife Wednesday - South Africa Wildlife and Conservation

South Africa has one of the best wildlife and conservation policies in the world and proudly celebrated 100 years of wildlife conservation with the Centenary of the Read more >

Wildlife Wednesday - Baby Zebra at RiverBend

Today's Wildlife Wednesday comprises a set of stunning images of a brand new zebra born at RiverBend Lodge in Addo - how cute is this little o

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Wildlife Wednesday - Pumba Ranger Diary and Wildlife Images 22 August 2012

Justin Saunders, ranger at Pumba, shares a snippet from the ranger diaries for this past week.

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Wildlife Wednesday - South African Animals Under Threat

On today’s Wildlife Wednesday slot we look at some of the South African animals found on the Endangered and Critically Endangered species lists.

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Wildlife Wednesday: Aardvark V Anteater

Although they have some similarities, the African Aardvark and the Central / South American Anteater are two different species that people often tend to confuse.

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Wildlife Wednesday - Unusual Animal Encounters in SA

This week in our Wildlife Wednesday slot we take a different approach and look at 5 unique wildlife encounters you can experience while travelling South Africa.

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Wildlife Wednesday - When is MeerKAT not a Meerkat?

When it is a telescope! As part of the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) bid, South Africa has designed and developed the MeerKAT.

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Wildlife Wednesday - Pumba ranger diary and wildlife photography 29 August 2012

This week's round up of sightings and pics from ranger Pieter Dunn at one of our favourite Eastern Cape private game reserves, Pumba!

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Wildlife Wednesday - Elephant Birth at RiverBend Lodge

The following account of elephant birth comes from RiverBend Lodge at Addo in the Eastern Cape.

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Wildlife Wednesday - new images of Sibella and her cubs

Samara volunteers were fortunate to witness Sibella the cheetah with her gorgeous cubs recently. Read what happened...

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Wildlife Wednesday - Bat-eared Foxes and Scops Owls at RiverBend

Reports of sightings of these two wonderful animals at RiverBend Lodge in the Eastern Cape are featured in this week's Wildlife Wednesday slot...

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Wildlife Wednesday - Secretary Birds at Pumba

This week the Pumba ranger diary is all about these fabulous and instantly recognisable birds...

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