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305 Guest House

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Rest + Relax 

TGCSA 4-Star Guest House

305 Guest House is a luxury 4 star hotel looking out at 180 degree view of the sea, showing off the deep blue and turquoise water. Modern and contemporary in style, this sophisticated Guest House is a classic on Durban’s south coast is instilled with genuine East Coast Indian conviviality.

Although we cater for leisure and corporate guests alike, we have geared ourselves to be the perfect accommodation choice for our corporate travelers! We offer early or take away breakfast, lunch packs & dinners. We have free WiFi and a cool drink & snack bar on site. Bar fridges in the rooms allow you to keep your own bottle of wine chilled for that after work sundowner!

This house was built in 1969, and when Mr and Mrs Woodhead bought the house from an elderly spinster, who lived with 19 cats, it was only a two bedroom house until Mr Woodhead expanded it a bit over the years, to a 4 bedroom and 1 bathroom house.
Mrs and Mrs Woodhead eventually sold it in 1981.
It was also known as the Doll's House by the ski boat fishermen, as it was the only double story house in Ipahla at the time and they used it as a marker for the fishing reefs.

On the left is a picture of the original 305 house in its days of glory.

It has been an incredible journey from then until now because, 305 Guest House has much more than 4 rooms, it has a Gym, a Coffee Shop, a Beauty Salon, a Conference Room and caters for Corporate and Weddings.

Here on the right, is the Picture of Gordon Woodhead, Mammie (Mrs Woodhead) and Valerie Peglar, the original owners of the Doll House.

Mammie is now a resident of one of our local retirement villages but pops in often for a bite to eat at her old home!

Watch the Aerial Video below to view the 305 Guest House Building and see how the 305 Guest House has evolved.

We have wheel chair access to our coffee shop & dining facilities from one of our gate entrances for the public and in-house guests. Simply call us prior to your arrival & we will gladly meet you at the entrance to assist you with this access.

Several of our rooms are wheel chair friendly, plus we are happy to spoil you with room service for your meals, if you should rather choose this option for dining.


305 Ipahla Road, Athlone Park