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June 16th Memorial Acre

Johannesburg, Soweto

In 2014 a new memorial acre and a Garden of Hope dedicated to the class of 1976 was unveiled. The June 16 Memorial Acre is a building that houses images, artefacts and a June 16 Memorial and Youth Institute. It tells the story of 16 June 1976, when students from across Soweto faced off against security forces whilst protesting against apartheid education. The memorial includes a double-storey building in the shape of an AK-47 assault rifle, a symbol of the struggle against apartheid, and a statue of Tsietsi Mashinini, one of the student leaders of the march. The institute will serve as a centre of memory and a resource for community development, with various youth programmes set to be run from the institute.

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Mputhi Street, White City, Jabavu, Soweto