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Krugerhof Museum

Mpumalanga, South Africa

Krugerhof was the last residence of President S.J.P. Kruger in the South African Republic (ZAR). He had left Pretoria in May 1900 because of the threat of the approaching British forces. For some weeks he lived aboard the presidential train which was stationed at Machadodorp. The cold proved too much for the 74 year old President and he moved to Krugerhof, an annex of the Hotel.

The British proclaimed the ZAR a British Territory on 1 September 1900. The President was elderly and infirm and could not live the tough commando life any longer and on 10 September he was given leave of absence to proceed to Europe where he would promote the Boer cause. One of Kruger’s greatest ideals was for the ZAR to have access to the sea without having to pass through British Territory. With the opening of the Delagoa Bay Railway Line in 1895 this ideal was realised.

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