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SAB World of Beer

Johannesburg, Gauteng

The SAB World of Beer tour is a symphony of craftsmanship and taste. In an ancient Egyptian tomb, 3D technology reveals the age-old secrets of brewing. Amid the catacombs of middle-age monasteries, you'll meet the father of European brewing, Josef Groll. The tour also unveils beer's local heritage, all the way to a honky-tonk pub circa Jozi's dusty mining camp days. Next you'll learn about the intricate brewing process when you meander through a full-scale gleaming brewhouse. Finally, down a pub lunch (and two free frosties) in the warm, sprawling pub with its panoramic views of Newtown. Book tours in advance.

Contact Details:

011 836 4900


15 Helen Joseph Street, Newtown, Johannesburg

Opening & Closing Times:

10am–4pm (Sunday-Monday) ; 10am–6pm (Tuesday-Saturday)