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The Freedom Park

Pretoria (Tshwane), Gauteng

Using our unique culture, heritage, history and spirituality, Freedom Park tells the story of South Africa in the voice of the South African people. A national and international icon of humanity and freedom, it is the heart and soul of South Africa captured in one breathtaking space. Situated close to our capital’s city centre, Freedom Park stands as a memorial to what we have achieved as a nation. More importantly, it stands as a beacon to guide all South Africans on the route of hope and patriotism to a proudly united nation. At the Park, visitors can enjoy various areas, each dedicated to a different aspect and serving a specific purpose.

Isivivane is a spiritual space, the symbolic resting place for those who sacrificed during the struggles for humanity and freedom in South Africa. Inclusive of all faiths and religions, it invites South Africans to celebrate their shared spirituality and heritage.

S’khumbuto is the main memorial. It tells of the most important conflicts in South Africa’s history through its various elements: •The Wall of Names is inscribed with the names of our heroes and heroines who died fighting for humanity and freedom during the major conflicts in our history, namely Pre-Colonial Wars, Slavery, Genocide, Wars of Resistance, the South African War, the First and Second World War and the Struggle for Liberation. •The Amphitheatre seats 2,000 people and is used for national events and celebrations. •The Sanctuary is a quiet place of reflection where visitors can pray, meditate or light a candle in remembrance. •The Eternal Flame is for our heroes and heroines who died without their names being recorded. The flame burns continuously to remind us of the names we will never know.

Through its interactive exhibitions, //hapo tells the Southern African story dating back 3.6 billion years. Here our rich and colourful history unfolds from the story of creation millions of years ago to the present-day issues of reconciliation and nation building we face today. By offering a front-row seat to the heartbeat of all that is South African, //hapo is a one-stop destination for local and international tourists alike.


Salvokop, Tshwane

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Open on Sundays and most public holidays. Tours at 9am, 12pm [&] 3pm.